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 As owner of New Life Taxidermy Studio and D3 - Drop Dead Decoys, I have been hunting turkeys for over twenty five years.  Taking friends and family and experiencing one of nature's most fascinating mating rituals, the wild turkey. Through the years I became a competitive turkey caller, learning and making every sound a turkey could make.  Which in turn carried over to my success of a turkey hunter.  But that wasn't enough.  From watching turkey's in the wild, I knew there was a pecking order established and what role each turkey played.

Jakes were not allowed to be a part of the mating ritual.  That got me thinking, if I could make a Jake decoy that would be in a strutting posture, the Toms would go crazy; hence the birth of the D3 decoy.  Action like you've never saw, Toms come running all fired up to kick some Jake butt.  To quote a phrase from one of my friends, "The difference in the D3 decoy is that I used to be a turkey hunter, now I am a successful turkey hunter."

My passion for turkey's led me to obtaining my game farm license and now operate a wild turkey sanctuary to help me put every detail of the real bird into my pieces of work.  In 2018 I was named Wisconsin State Champion in Competition Taxidermy. I've competed for many years, including 3 National Titles with the NWTF, and winning many awards on the way.  

With all my years competing in the turkey category I have learned to hyper focus on details that separates the average mount to a competitive mount, which I apply into my every day work for my customers.  I have my own aids and research ideas that I think set me aside from some of my fellow taxidermists.  Not only do I put my passion into every clients piece but I respect it, as if it were my own.


If its perfection and detail your looking for, then I am your guy.


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